Codex Of Light

​Do you remember?

When you were watching the Earth from above and decided to incarnate again?

When your entire being was vibrating with an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love for humanity?

When you decided to take form, awaken and activate a deep remembrance of your Soul memory of ancient journeys through time and space?

Close your eyes..Breath in..andRemember who you are, why you are here and how you chose to contribute in this lifetime.

This incarnation is not a coincidence.

You have trained and prepared yourself for eons of lifetimes to arrive here and help the human race reach the next step of evolution.

You know how to unlock codexes of light from your DNA and gifts you received on other planets from your Soul and Star families.

They are helping you remember your Soul Purpose and awaken memories your mind is not ready to interpret, as your 5D abilities transcend your current evolutionary state.

Going beyond limiting views of perception and interaction with your reality..

Surrendering to the highest intelligence of your Heart Consciousness..

There are worlds within worlds, your mind can’t track, understand, interpret or make logical sense.

There is no linearity in the journey of the Heart, only a higher greater perspective of what human existence truly is. 

If you feel the energy of these words in each cell of your being, you are READY.

And I invite you to join Evolving Consciousness- A Journey for 5D Visionaries at the link below:

Receive Effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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