All my social media platforms are for the REAL ONES, beautiful Souls in their authentic expression living in integrity with their values, honest, open, willing and joyfully walking the path of self-actualization and self-realization.

My tribe knows the depths of shadow and light and are warriors at heart, mission-driven souls, devoted, dedicated, committed to their evolution, expansion, and ascension not being afraid to explore the full spectrum of their being.

This page as many others I have is an extension of my mission grid, a high octave platform activating, accelerating, and boosting the evolution of those receiving the energy behind every word and image I share.

My work is not for everyone and not for the faint-hearted, especially the ones not ready to shift, transform, evolve and let go of identities and 3D matrix structures still clinging to holographic realities run by subconscious programming.

Last year, after a challenging healing crisis, the grid of my mission elevated its frequency and automatically sorted and sifted everyone into my reality. I let go of many people that were not meant to be part of the next stage of my journey, an entire community I was not resonating with anymore.

Some of the members of that community remained on the grid of my mission because they were ready to continue evolving at an accelerated pace and others completely disappeared from my life.

Those who were not able to "keep up the pace" continued watching me from outside with envy, and resentment, trying to even compare with me and my teachings 🙂 in a desperate way to break through their own limitations.

I can only feel compassion for those still in that stage of resistance, deeply triggered watching me but not able to surrender and start a deep inner work of healing.

And yes, at some point you will not ascend anymore if you refuse to descend in your body, by-passing trauma, patterns, beliefs, and energetic blockages that slow you down.

This platform serves as inspiration and energetic fuel for those ready to receive and embrace constant change towards consciously creating a magical life of infinite abundance.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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