Earth Grids, Templates, And Systems

What are Earth Grids?

This is all about Earth Grids, Templates, and Systems.

Join me for a few moments to feel into what Earth Grids are.

I was guided by The Arcturian Council of Light to create the Living Light Technology Activation and to make it free and accessible to all beings who are ready to receive it.

This transmission is for the souls here to be part of a global 5D community and shift their consciousness on the New Earth grid and timelines.

The Living Light Technology Activation opens you to:

???? New Earth Grids, Templates, Systems and Quantum Ascension of Gaia to understand how the collective consciousness of this planet is evolving and transforming

????Physical Body and Light Body Ascension through Quantum Technology an accelerated path of evolution.

????A powerful DNA Activation that will activate dormant encoded data of your own Soul Divine Mission on Earth.


Here is the link to the replay:

Many Blessings,Livia Devi ????

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