What’s meant for you won’t miss you

After two years of being single, I met an incredible man able to meet me at all levels.And this is rare, because at some point in time I thought I will never meet someone compatible knowing how fast I evolve and how far I go, quantum shifting all the time.The Universe really surprised me, because meeting my special person was totally unexpected and how we met was really funny & interesting at least But the most surprising fact is how real and grounded this connection is.The love, chemistry, compatibility, depth, how we navigate inner child dynamics, the incredible polarity, the quality of care, kindness, attentiveness and mutual respect & consideration its just WOW.. not to mention the laugh, playfulness and joy.While I feel to not reveal just yet, the identity of my partner as I cherish the sacredness of our connection, sharing my joy with you all is anchoring it in the Heart of Hearts of the New Earth timelines.The co-creation with my partner is just next level and we see near future timelines of holding together curated containers for conscious relating for the new world leadership.Excited for the journey, in its wholeness & holiness!Many Blessings,Livia Devi 

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