3 Councils of Light, 3 Quantum Technologies, and 3 Activations

On June 5th 2022, I shared publicly with the world for the first time, quantum technologies from the 7th and 12th dimensions, in a FREE GLOBAL EVENT that reached hundreds of souls that registered and hundreds of thousands in the collective.

For the first time, I shared QUANTUM SYSTEMS from 3 different civilizations that wanted to co-create this major transmission, because there are so many awakened Souls ready to step into the highest timeline of soul evolution, abundance and ascension.

The Sirius Council of Light, brought an advanced technology from 12D that activated Medulla Oblongata and created alignments within the Stargate of our Hearts to receive the 5D SOUL MISSION ACTIVATION.

The Great Central Sun Council of Light, brought an advanced 12D technology that activated our Pituitary Gland, opening our fields to receive a 5D ABUNDANCE ACTIVATION.

The Arcturian Council of Light activated our Pineal Gland and 5D INNER VISIONARY downloading NEW EARTH codexes of light in our Crystalline Light Body.

This 3-HOUR fully coded transmission is the pre- work for EVOLVING CONSCIOUSNESS program starting on the Lion’s Gate Portal on the 08.08.2022.

We are welcoming in this program all awakened beings READY to transform their lives and learn from advanced inter-dimensional civilizations how to navigate quantum realities and create incredible realities effortlessly. 

If you didn’t APPLY yet, we invite you to go on liviadevi.com and submit your application at Evolving Consciousness page, as we have limited spaces available.

Looking forward to this magical journey!Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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