Are you a STARSEED looking for a 5D community of aligned Souls?

When we are awakening to new realities, there is a sense of isolation and disconnection of the immediate environment, family, friends, colleagues.

Suddenly nothing makes sense anymore in the way you are living your life, your daily routine, habits and behaviour.

Transitioning from one reality to another always comes with an identity shift and a need to stabilize into one frequency reality.

If you are walking the path of ascension and ready to break through from living by default into becoming the co-creator of your life.

If you are connected and in communication with different Star Nations, Galactic Councils and ready to stabilize your Starseed alliances.

If you are looking to be part of a global 5D community of Souls called to embody their higher consciousness.

I invite you to read futher:

Last year, I was guided to create a space for starseeds, lighworkers and awakening souls looking for their tribe, community and high frequency teachings to accelerate their journey of ascension & evolution.

A space where we are sharing our galactic gifts and talents, light language, sign language, 5D abilities, sacred geometry downloads and receiving advanced codexes of light from the Star Nations.

If you one of these beautiful starcoded Souls,

I would like to gift you a powerful transmission called: ” Starseed Activation- A Quantum Journey to meet your Soul and Star Family” .

On over 2 hours I shared powerful teachings and codexes of light on: ????The Starseed Journey of ascension, initiation, challenges and portals of awakening ????A powerful Quantum Starseed Template Activation that created a bridge through the stargate of your heart with your Soul and Star Families ???? Activating the essence of your galactic connection part of your Soul Blueprint ????DNA Star Codex Activation accelerating the remembrance of your skills, talents, abilities, trainings and memories from lifetimes on other planets in order to understand your Soul purpose and mission on Earth.???? Live Q&A

And So much more…

Please check this link to see the transmission:

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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