We have 3 seats left, for a magical 12 months journey of activating your leadership, the abundance of freedom, and prosperity and expanding your missions globally in the Quantum Leadership Program.

This is a premium, semi-private Mastermind for the ones ready to step into their leadership role, co-create New Earth projects, embody 5D consciousness, and be part of a Council of 11💎 driven missions souls.

This advanced 5D leadership program has a very rich curriculum, as we are meeting weekly for deep, transformative activations, trance-channeling sessions with the Arcturian Council of Light, quantum group coachings, and council meetings focused on Quantum Technology and New Earth Projects.

The innovative, quantum, now-futuristic and collaborative environment of this program is deepening the synergy of our New Earth Leaders, coming together for a 3-day live event in Hawaii at the end of 2022.

If you are ready to receive and embody advanced Leadership and Abundance codexes from 7D-12D and anchor them straight away in 3D-4D actively contributing to the massive shift of collective realities while accessing the highest timelines of your mission...

I invite you to:
1. Connect to the frequency of this program and ask your Higher Self if you are soul ready for it.
2. If yes, submit your application at the link below and book a date and time for your interview:
3. Your interview will be direct with me and not my assistants because I personally want to make sure this program is serving the evolution of your consciousness and that you are ready for an accelerated shift.

So much looking forward to meeting the last 3 beautiful Souls who will join us in this incredible Quantum Leadership experience!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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