Tonight is such a powerful manifestation portal, and as the energy of love wants to flow in my life I invite its form into my physical reality.

As I am joyfully living my singlehood for one year and a half, I feel I am finally ready for a new beginning in love.

In the past six months, I met different reflections that were not quite the full embodiment of my King, but I could see how the energy is progressing into form, becoming so close to what I truly want and desire.

In this New Moon Portal, I am dancing with the energy of love, feeling my King so close to my Heart as he is rushing to enter my reality.

I have never felt so much self-love, happiness, and joy as these past weeks.

I am celebrating every day of my life, as the miraculous gift of beauty, purity, and bliss.

May there be love, peace, and holy union!

Wishing you all, a magical New Moon!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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