Black Moon

Tonight is such a powerful manifestation portal, and as the energy of love wants to flow in my life I invite its form into my physical reality.As I am joyfully living my singlehood for one year and a half, I feel I am finally ready for a new beginning in love.In the past six months, I met different reflections that were not quite the full embodiment of my King, but I could see how the energy is progressing into form, becoming so close to what I truly want and desire.In this New Moon Portal, I am dancing with the energy of love, feeling my King so close to my Heart as he is rushing to enter my reality.I have never felt so much self-love, happiness, and joy as these past weeks.I am celebrating every day of my life, as the miraculous gift of beauty, purity, and bliss.May there be love, peace, and holy union!Wishing you all, a magical New Moon!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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