Perhaps you ache for freedomFor the blue that’s in your eyeWas given as a presentFrom the fabric of the skyAnd when you gaze skywardsIt’s no wonder you yearnWhen part of what you’re made fromAlways wishes to return..Sipping the words of Erin Hanson this morning while contemplating, how many soul retrievals I have lived in this lifetime so far.Our higher consciousness is always choosing from our multidimensional expression, aspects that wish to return to the original soul blueprint.Every challenge is peeling more layers until the nakedness reveals a new aspect in its primordial state merging with the wholeness of being.The depth is given by creation allowing us to witness the miracles that create change and transformation following a natural course of evolution.We are witnessing the becomingWhile fully living it.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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