Contact With Another Civilization

I remember, my first conversation with Sirius Council of Light and the immense love I felt for them in my heart.They were breathing in my ears, while telepathically communicating with my mind and saying:”This is how you recognize us. We were breathing with you in your mother’s womb”.These first words, released all resistences, contraction, defenses because my heart and Soul recognized and felt them in all cells of my being.They were with me for lifetimes, bridging once again physical and non-physical and merging in divine union of co-creation.As I grew up, Sirius visited me many times during my childhood and knocked at the door of my channel when I was 18 years old but I was not ready then.They returned 15 years later, at 33 years old when I was not asked anymore if I am ready or not ???? because my mission had to be fully activated.They intensively trained me for 1 year, preparing me to become a trance-channel for the Arcturian Council of Light.Sirius shifted my consciousness in 1 year as for other humans will take 40 years and activated my mission on Earth to help hundreds of thousands and millions of people on their ascension path.I am extremely excited to share with you more about my journey with the Sirius and the Arcturian Councils of Light on the 22.02.2022 at 6pm Hawaii time when I am guided to deliver for you all:”Starseed Activation- A Quantum Journey to meet your Soul and Star Family”This is a free global event and if you didn’t reserve your spot yet you can do so at the link below:…And if you can’t make it live once you register you will receive the replay you can watch at your own pace and time.Super excited for the happiness, joy and playfulness this transmission is already bringing!????

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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