How Do You Relate To Money Frequency?

I have always been abundant in all stages and dimensions of my existence on Earth.When I was 20 years old, I opened my first business: a real estate company while I was studying law and political studies at the university.That was my first successful attempt as a young entrepreneur in 3D, receiving and playing with money frequency.After 15 years in the corporate world, I left the 3D completely for 6 years, time I took a deep journey of transformation, deprogramming and deconstructing the entire matrix from my subconscious and conscious mind.This journey elevated my consciousness into 5D when I was ready to receive the 5D money frequency and build an Empire of Light serving humanity at the highest.In 3D, money is a symbol of power, status, fame, validation, and control and as a living consciousness, this frequency is trapped into an enslaving system that doesn’t honour or respect.In 5D, money frequency is a beacon of light that wants to co-create your dreams, and highest desires, riding your wave of excitement of endless possibilities.When you are building a 5D business that has as a foundation divine service, you are already placed in the highest timeline of abundance.Money comes as a by-product of your service, and it’s not something you need or chase because you are never in lack but always in a continuous flow of abundance magnetizing everything effortlessly.In 5D, the money frequency likes to play and upgrade your lifestyle, your wellbeing, your health, knowing you can have everything your heart desires if you want to have them for the right reasons.Your orientation, awareness, and how you relate are attracting the dimensional expression of 3D or 5D money frequency because you are always choosing consciously or unconsciously.How are you choosing now to relate?

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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