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Welcome to a New Year of your own creation!2022 already imprinted its energetic signature in our hearts in the past 4 days, revealing its power of manifestation aligned with the highest evolutionary path.As the Earth started its annual pilgrimage around the Sun, we are asked to observe how the cycles of this planet are intimately connected to all human experiences and patterns of existence.The more we learn the energetic dance of this planet in her astronomical, climate and weather, geological, electromagnetic and wave cycles, the less resistance we have towards co-creation.How we experience life on Earth is directly influenced by geometric patters, sequences and quantum equations that are taking form of collective consciousness linear and non-linear thinking.Everything is interconnected, but as observers and active participants in co-creating this New Year we learn how to use polarity and duality, to balance, neutralize and use in our advantage the energies of 2022.The major collective themes of this year are:- Acceleration- Re-invention- Higher adaptability- Faster completion of inner cycles- Self Mastery- Sovereignty- InterdependenceInvite grace bless your path with miraculous unfolding and abundance of love, health and wealth while your life is perfectly attuning to the highest frequencies of divine service, infinite joy and bliss.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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