Quantum Leadership Program is opening the door to 4 more Souls ๐ŸŽŠ ready to join our powerful group of New Earth Co-Creators.

We are calling in the Ones in full alignment with the grid, teachings, and frequency of this advanced ascension container.

A Quantum Leader is an awakened human-divine being already on the path of ascension and evolution, looking to take an accelerated journey of embodying 5D consciousness.

A Missioned Soul looking to serve at a multidimensional level and ready to explore the full spectrum of existence while anchoring on the 5D timelines.

A heart-centered being ready to be the embodiment of authenticity, sovereignty, and integrity and step into the leadership role at the planetary level.

Someone not afraid to stay in their power, truth, certainty, knowing, driven inner force of their Soul essence.

We are calling in the real ones, that is not hiding behind identities, masks, teachings, scripts, downloads, ego, or collective perceptions, but are here to manage global projects to build a New Earth.

The ones that established empires of light and were ready to shift into 5D realities to bridge New Earth timelines for the entire collection from 3D-5D.

The ones, here to access inner quantum systems, receive advanced 7D technology, and travel inter-dimensionally within the multiverses of human consciousness.

If you are deeply called to join us, you can find more about the Quantum Leadership program at the link below, where you can submit your application:


Your application once qualified, will be followed by an interview to make sure this ascension container is a good fit for you.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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