Last year in October 2021 a big process was initiated for me by the divine.

A process that altered the fabric of my reality and placed me on the highest path of abundance, freedom and sovereignty.

It happened on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, two months after I landed on that sacred land when the Arcturian Council of Light told me:

" You are ready to receive and embody now, 5D New Earth templates of Relating will activate the next level of your mission.

This will collapse and completely release from your field all timelines where we find co-dependancy patterns in all areas of your life.

You need to stay courageous, Elva( the name of my Higher Self) as your reality will completely change"

And this is when it all started..

A couple of days later, my previous business parter and close friend was asked if she is ready to integrate these templates too.

She received them in her field and on the 3rd day of integration, the subconscious mind couldn't hold them anymore and her Higher Self decided to stop the integration, as the human aspect was not ready yet.

I had to release that soul contract from my field for good, knowing it will not be part of the next chapter of my divine mission on Earth.

As I continued receiving these templates, friends, clients and people around me that I related in even slightly co-dependant ways left my field, one by one.

I realized the Sovereignty Codex was extremely complex, rewiring my subconscious mind, re-coding and re-programing everything at the cellular level, re-shaping my reality.

Claiming my sovereign power and royalty, was not an intention or something I was telling myself out loud from time to time anymore, but part of each cell of my being.

When I fully embodied the Sovereignity codex, part of the 5D New Earth template of Relating I saw how my vantage point of creation has shifted.

Incredible and exciting opportunities entered my reality, that brought so much abundance, expansion, freedom and connection.

I was taken in a big flow of prosperity and blessings, seeing how expansive and rich the next level of my mission with the Arcturian Council of Light is.

The 5D New Earth Template of Relating had many other codexes and took me 6 months to integrate them all, but the Sovereignty codex is the one I want to share it with you today.

The Sovereignty Codex includes:
- A heightened state of Self- Awareness, Self- Ownership and Self- Responsibility in how we relate to the environment, humankind and all kingdoms of nature.
- Inner and outer Freedom attained through Self- Sovereignty that created so much space and expansion in all areas of my life.
- Embodied Wholeness, as I merged with all fragmented aspects of my consciousness projected before in my outside reality.
- Embodied Power, Strength, Resilience that automatically expanded the grids of co-creation inviting in so much magic.

And the list continues...

Sovereignty is a foundational component of the New Earth Leader blueprint.

I am excited to teach this codex and many others to the Ones that are READY to step into their full power in " Quantum Leadership" program.

This semi-private container is for those
whom missions are already active serving their immediate community, tribe, country and want to expand into their global New Earth missions.

The ones ready to receive advanced teachings and codexes of light for their soul evolution, expansion, ascension and integrate them in their planetary service.

The ones missioned to co-create the New Earth, 5D communities, new educational, financial, social systems and a new emerging culture.

If you are one of these Souls, I would like to gift you a transmission I delivered a couple of days ago called:

💎Leading from the Future.
A Multidimensional Activation for New Earth Leadership 💎

Comment and mention me here and I'll message or reply to you the link to this transmission and activation.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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