Embodied Ascension

For years we’ve only been taught to focus on the first step of ascension… How to connect our consciousness with the 4D, 5D, and beyond.Many of us have dedicated years to mastering the art of connection to source and our multidimensionality.We’ve become well-practiced in meditation, grounding, channeling, and receiving guidance and wisdom through the quantum.We feel this is the way, the path, the purpose.And I’m here to inform you that this only step ONE.There is more to ascension and evolution than consciously connecting with the quantum and beyond.And that more is step TWO.It’s time we master the art of embodied ascension. Where we connect the quantum with our physical body and LIVE a human and PHYSICAL existence with our soul and consciousness connected to our being.There is so much more to the 3D spirituality we’ve been sold on for years. And it’s time for more Starseeds to have access to this truth.It’s time to share ALL aspects of ascension and evolution.There’s so much more than you could ever imagine.And the magic of our cosmic universe is that there will always be more past the rainbow ???? bridge of ascension.If you want access to a more holistic view of the quantum and what it means to experience embodied ascension, come and join our beautiful and engaged community of Source Seed ✨.Everyone is so curious and open to new information. The transformations are magical and powerful. The community is coming together stronger every day.If you want to play in the quantum and have all your questions answered in a safe and fun way – join your community that is Source Seed!https://liviadevi.com/source-seed/

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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