Dreams Do Come True

Years ago, I was dreaming of living, on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, with beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and green palm trees.

Little did I know, I will create so much abundance in my life and live in one of the highest frequency places on Earth and desired holiday paradises: Hawaii

Sometimes I pinch myself, I thrive in one of the most expensive places on Earth: 30% more expensive than Dubai, 70% more expensive than Costa Rica, and 300% more expensive than Bali.

People ask me, how do you generate so much Abundance?

I have a deep certainty and knowing, Abundance of Health, Money & well-being is my birthright so I magnetize effortlessly what is mine, already.

There is no thinking, analyzing, waiting, or doubting about it because this frequency is an inner knowing, just like breathing. You don’t control your breathing, you just breathe.

My Abundance Codes had been activated a long time ago, but only when I awakened I learned how to co-create with them a life of magic & bliss.

I am guided by the Arctician Council of Light and other beautiful Galactic Councils to share with you my journey and teach you how to activate your Inner Codexes of Abundance in:

” Wealth Consciousness- A Quantum Training for New Earth Entrepreneurs”.

This 4 4-week Training is for the ones:

~ Ready to breakthrough scarcity & slave codes and rise their abundance frequency to the next level of co-creation with their Soul & Divine Mission on Earth

~ Open to exploring the Quantum Field and Activate Inner Codexes of Abundance will have them understand what are the main Laws of the Universe and how to co-create with them.

~Willing to let go of the entire matrix structure of the 3D money and connect, learn and access 5D Money Frequency and how this interacts with the holographic field of what we call reality.

~ Excited to learn how to build a 5D business foundation for their New Earth entrepreneurial journeys.

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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