Why a Fraction?

Why am I offering incredibly powerful training at the fraction of what I normally charge?

The ones following my work for years, they know the investment to attend a group program is multiple 5 figures and private mentoring 6 figures.

TIME HAS COME for more lightworkers to be Abundant and co-create with Wealth Consciousness

I am guided by my Soul and the beautiful Arctician Council of Light, to share the 5D Abundance Codex I have used in the past years that raised me where I am today.

I am guided to make available for the ones ready to receive the mindset tools and the heart consciousness journey the most successful people on this planet took.

I am guided to create a powerful quantum journey that will deprogram the scarcity codes and lower frequency realms people hold on unconsciously, blocking them to embrace abundance.

I believe more awakened spiritual beings are ready to rise and co-create incredible realities for themselves, their families, their clients, and the entire world.

And this shift in consciousness can happen with ease, grace, happiness, joy, laughter, and alignment.

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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