Elevating your business to divine service

When you shift the parameters of your business from one dimension to the quantum field, you are accessing higher timelines of service.Its the moment you start to consciously interact with the infinite intelligence of Source energy and choose the realities you prefer to experience.Your business is leaving dependency grids of social, economical, political conditions and plugs-into the vast field of consciousness, as an independent component.Regaining its energetic signature, re-connecting back to its original blueprint ready to be a co-creative organic part for the evolution of humanity.The process of elevation, is one of transformation, transmutation and transcendence as the energy shifts from an ego-centric experience to divine- centric realms.If you are ready to elevate your product, program, offering to Divine Service I invite you :Wealth Consciousness- A 5D Business Program for New Earth EntrepreneursThis 6 Months advanced program is for:1). Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Soulpreneurs looking to merge their consciousness with their business and create a 5D service with impact at Multidimensional and Soul level.2). New Earth Leaders here to anchor healing centers, 5D schools, Ascension Sanctuaries, 5D-7D-12D technologies with Divine Missions on this planet looking to co-create with the Galactic Federation of Light and Star Nations to fulfill their projects.3). New Earth Visionaries and Architects, here to bring 5D healing technologies and support light infrastructures and ever expanding grids.We meet Every Week for 6 Months in linear time and infinite in the quantum field receiving the codex’s, tools, technologies, transformations and the journey you need to take to elevate in the highest expression of your Soul and Service on Earth.Limited spaces available to 20 Seats.You can reserve yours by booking a call and submitting your application at the link below or in bio.https://liviadevi.com/wealth-consciousness/Excited to elevate together!Many Blessings,Livia Devi 

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