Emerging from inner to outer, from darkness to light, from the womb of creation in a new world…we surrender to the alchemy of becoming.Holding ascension timelines for humanity, requires space in our physical and energetic bodies, as our individual transformation is impacting the evolution of collective consciousness.Metamorphosis comes from the Greek word meta meaning ” change” and morphos meaning” form”.We are always shape-shifting, evolving, and merging with new versions of ourselves to bring forth the higher gifts, talents, abilities, and eons of lifetimes of training and preparation to actively participate in the ascension process.All 5D Visionaries, the ones that are dreaming realities into existence, bridging dimensions, architecting new timelines, and holding complex light interdimensional structures are journeying through endless metamorphoses effortlessly.If you are one of them, I invite you to Evolving Consciousness- A Journey for 5D Visionaries.This six months program is for the ones ready to accelerate their Soul evolution, ascension, and embody Higher Consciousness while co-creating with advanced civilizations of Light.In this program, you shall receive:■Quantum Healing and Deprogramming of the 3D templates and activating the 4D/5D templates within all layers of your being (physical, mental, emotional, electro-magnetic, and light bodies).■Activating your Multidimensionality and remembrance of your soul memory, calling back aspects of your Soul from eons of lifetime and incarnations into your body temple.■Activating your channeling abilities to connect to your Higher Self, Soul, and Star families and re-establish your galactic connections.■Activating your 4D/5D abilities to access the Quantum Field and learn how to navigate grids of existence beyond your immediate reality.■Learning how to co-create with the laws of the Universe and become deliberate in your actions, creations, and manifestations.■Receiving advanced 7D technology and Quantum tools that will reprogram your DNA, subconscious mind, and all layers and dimensions of your being to better navigate your reality.■Downloading your own unique toolkit that will help you always access higher timelines of your Soul journey with clarity, direction, and focus.If you are deeply called by your Heart & Soul to join us, please submit your application at the link below and schedule your interview: forward to connecting with you soon!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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