New Life Starts In The Dark

Don’t be afraid to dive deep in your subconscious mind in this eclipse season, as self-mastery can be achieved through a full integration of darkness & light.

This New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse is bringing up in the collective the shadow aspects of Self, everything that is unloved, judged, excluded, separated within, beautifully displayed without.

There will be many tests, temptations, inner conflicts, challenges in your immediate reality as the subconscious is projecting realities to test the strength of your conscious mind of sticking with your values, path, mission.

Many people will be triggered, confused, uprooted and they will desperately try to find the light in the darkness to exhaustion, when actually surrendering to the darkness will switch on their inner light.

If people are projecting on you, their anger, rage, revenge, insecurities and other separation consciousness aspects of Self don’t take anything personally as dancing in the dark is not always easy.

People will not see you, but their projected subconscious reality only and will relate to you as deep as they are able to relate to their inner world.

The smoking mirrors in the eclipse season is challenging to navigate at least, as there is no linearity, coherence, order…as we are living a projection inside a projection.

This time of great potential and accelerated growth it starts today until the next major Full Moon Eclipse on November 8th when the energy will start slowly clearing up, settling and following and ascended line towards 11/11 portal.

This is a powerful time of transformation and an incredible opportunity for integration, balance, alchemy, descendence & wholeness.

I am loving equally & passionately the light and the shadow as there is no separation only a deep inner merge, union & marriage. 

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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