The Art Of Being All In

Celebrating one year of hard work and a big $x6 figure investment to harvest in autumn the fruits of my labour by receiving my long term visa for United States.

Living one year in Hawaii has been amazing, but I knew I need to change my immigration status and with it to deeply commit to my mission on the Hawaiian islands.

In March 2022, Hokulea Sanctuary LLC was registered as a company and I hired three different lawyers companies, business & financial advisors, experienced accountants and an entire team to help me build a solid foundation of what in the next years is going to be an advanced 5D Temple of Ascension in Hawaii.

When I commit to something, I never give up no matter how hard it gets or what it takes.

 This project was not easy and I faced many challenges that helped me grow into a more wise, mature, responsible and committed person.

 Only planting a seed, by committing to fully settle down in United States and make Hawaii my permanent home was a huge initiation that stripped off so many layers of fear.

I had moments of reaching exhaustion and times when I wanted to drop everything and return to the “comfort zone” by living in countries where life is easy like Bali, Indonesia where I lived before for 3 years.

But my Heart & Soul were moving the compass towards my North Star, my Mission on Earth and the rewards that will flow into my life by following the guidance.

 Now I am resting and celebrating this huge achievement with my family in the mountains breathing the fresh smell of the pine tree forest and zero degrees temperature before I return to the exotic & tropical weather of the Aloha land.

 I coudn’t end up 2022 year, as happy & joyful as I feel today living my life at the fullest, celebrating taking risks and the immense trust I have in living my dharma and my destiny.

A moment of pause, before coming back home and grow Hokulea into the vision I held in my heart for years.

 Grateful to Alexander Carl, my main lawyer and someone that walked with me offering so much support always rising me up & motivating me to keep going.

 When you are ALL IN the Universe is always rewarding your efforts & trust.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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