I Am Here For The Long Run

Everything I do and create, is intentional, precise and in service to humanity.My inner power, strength, devotion and commitment is beyond this world and I live devotional.My life is a prayer, ceremony and every moment is a ritual for life and celebrating existence as a miracle.I never give up, because I love approaching life in creative never ending ways of infinite possibilities.I always see the bigger picture and live moments of contrast & duality with loving kindness and endless compassion.The unknown is my best friend, because its exciting to feel alive by taking risks and living with intensity.I am here for the long run of my divine service to this planet and comitment of experiencing myself through the mirrors of life.I dance with the Universe in all my creations, I write poems & odes, I walk with God.I feel the luckiest person in the world and maybe I am because of my unique gift of sharing my life with the Arcturian Council of Light.Many humans love me, some envy me and others are just frozen unable to comprehend how I am able to manifest, generate, create so much magic in my life.I always navigate deep blue waters, never shallow, never superficial.My inner world will remain a mystery and curiosity of endless exploration for myself and a fascination for my partner, family, friends, people I mentor.I am here for the long run experiencing the depth of love, the stardust of endings and the blessings of new beginnings always ready for the newness of becoming.I accept my existence of being different than others, I love my uniqness, I celebrate my youth & beauty, my depth and how I feel, love and live.I remember the moment this photo was taken by my favorite photographer in the world Daniel Sun.My arms were wide open, facing the ocean while sitting on a cliff in Maui island and we were both praying & calling the descendants of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Babylon and all tribes of earth to come to Hawaii and start the New Earth from that land.A shared moment in time, a lifetime for me of devotion to oneness, unity consciousness, evolution, abundance and freedom.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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