Opening To Source Seed

When I created Source Seed Program, I was in Bali Indonesia reading beautiful messages and emails from the ones following my work for years and wanting to access my teachings.I felt to create a global platform for all starseeds where they can come together and share their experiences while receiving quantum teachings from me and the Arcturian and Sirius Councils of Light.A platform that is interactive, accessible, inspirational, motivational, playful, supporting the evolution and ascension of hundreds of souls.A space where we can create a galactic family of awakened beings on Earth, driven by a deep desire of accessing the highest timelines of love, evolution, abundance, freedom and divine service.And this is how Source Seed was born.Yesterday, I delivered a powerful transmission and two quantum activations introducing the frequency of this beautiful program to you all in:” Starseed Activation- A Quantum Journey to meet your Soul and Star Family” .On over 2 hours I shared powerful teachings and codexes of light on:????The Starseed Journey of ascension, initiation, challenges and portals of awakening???? A powerful Quantum Starseed Template Activation that created a bridge through the stargate of your heart with your Soul and Star Families???? Activating the essence of your galactic connection part of your Soul Blueprint???? DNA Star Codex Activation accelerating the remembrance of your skills, talents, abilities, trainings and memories from lifetimes on other planets in order to understand your Soul purpose and mission on Earth.???? Live Q&AAnd So much more…I am excited to share with you all, the replay of yesterday’s transmission at the link below:​​

If after watching the transmission, you feel called to join Source Seed platform here is the link to register your application:

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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