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Sirius gateway is not only between 4th-7th of July.The entire July month is a portal leading to Lion’s Gate on 8/8.The energies from Sirius start descending to Earth in June, because this is the first month from a 4-month cycle that ends with autumn Equinox on September 22nd, 2022.June 6/6 is the purification monthJuly 7/7 planting the seeds of manifestationAugust 8/8 receiving the blessingsSeptember 9/9 anchoring everything in 3D and the energies are slowly leaving by September 22nd.I am writing this post, guided by the Sirius Council of Light because I am seeing posts circulating on the internet about Sirius Gateway that are not offering any context or the entire download.July 2022 and the 7/7 portal is the second major stargate, humanity will pass through elevating the frequency output of the collective consciousness.Sirius has always been Earth’s Spiritual Sun.What does this mean?It means Sirius is transmitting advanced codexes of Light through the stargate of our Sun.On the 7/7 portal if you sungazes at the sunrise or sunset you will receive upgrades and downloads through your retina, as the Sirius codes are easily integrated like this.This practice was used by ancient civilizations, especially in Sumeria and Egypt.Also on the 7/7 portal during the evening if you stargaze at Sirius your 3rd eye will be activated and you will receive downloads and upgrades through your 3rd eye portal and all these codes will go into the crystal inside your pineal gland.If you want to learn more and co-create with the Sirius Council of Light and the Arcturian Council of Light visit my website at as we are now taking applications for Evolving Consciousness- A Journey for 5D Visionaries program.

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