Take The 5D Journey Like Pia

Take the 5D Journey With Pia

Pia took the 5D journey.

As Pia took the journey with the Arcturian Council of Light and I, we invite you to join us in Evolving Consciousness- a Journey for 5D Visionaries.

This 12 months program is for the Souls on the 4D bridge ready to receive advanced codes, teachings and technology from the 7D and the Arcturian Council of Light.

For the ones called to learn about quantum technology, water technology, plasma light and crystalline light technology, activate the DNA codes from Atlantis and Lemuria and receive teachings from advanced civilizations and Star Nations.

For the ones ready to shift, transform, embody and learn to navigate parallel, alternate timelines and open up to a multidimensional existence.

The Ones ready to embody the 5D New Earth templates and become Temples of Light for millions of people moving from 3D to 4D and higher platforms of existence.

We start the 5D journey with:????Quantum Healing and Deprograming of the 3D Template and activating the 4D/5D Template to shift into a higher timeline of existence.

???? Quantum Technology and Crystalline Light Technology to release the old 3D matrix from the subconscious mind and reprogram the new information at cellular level.

????Arcturian 7D Technologies, sonic and wave harmonics to connect and embody your Multidimensionality.

????Light Language Activations and increasing Channeling Abilities to re-establish the Divine Co-Creation with your Star Family and Galactic Team

????Activating Leadership Codes, Soul Blueprint, Soul Signature and Divine Mission to co-create the New Earth.

???? Activating Atlantis and Lemuria technologies within the DNA to awaken aspects of Self-connected to these civilizations and bring knowledge for the New Earth.

And so much more …

You will join me twice per month online for a live Trance- Channeled Activation with the Arcturian Council of LightAND a Quantum Group Coaching transmission for mastering these new upgrades and codes.

If this is calling you, Evolving Consciousness is open for enrolment and you can book a chat at the link below:https://liviadevi.com/evolving-consciousness/

Receive effortlessly,Livia Devi ????

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