The 7th Dimension Is Knocking

One month ago, I stepped into a new grid that opened up an incredible chapter of my life.Everything in my reality now is completely new… new friends, new connections and business networks, new opportunities, and a lot of magic.People I met in 2019 vanished from my life, along with the Bali grid of connections & friendships that was completely released from my field.I am amazed by my everyday life and how Spirit wanted me to step into the new with no strings, hooks, or attachments to old energies.There is so much space in this new grid and I attract only the right people able to synchronize with my accelerated path of evolution and ascension.When a past person is entering my reality is only because they did so much work on themselves and they were able to shift into a higher frequency reality and stabilize there.I am so excited about this newness that feels so rich, abundant, light, and joyful! ????Life is becoming a living miracle!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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