The Art Of Living And Dying

“There is nothing to be worried about. You will disappear like a snowflake in pure air. You are not going to die, you are only going to disappear. Yes, you will not be found in the individual form. The form will disappear into the formless – the snowflake into the pure air. But you will be there and more so. When the river disappears into the ocean, it is not dying – it is becoming the ocean, it is spreading, it is becoming bigger, huge, enormous, infinite.”This is a beautiful quote from Osho’s book ” The Art of Living and Dying”.Today I had lunch with an elder, 88 years old friend I call St.Francis, because he is an earth angel that showed up in my life to serve my mission and remind me how beautiful life is.I love receiving his wisdom from decades of living and experiencing contrast, duality, war, miraculous healing from uncured diseases and how he tango with life and death and continuing dancing.In this eclipse & Mars retrograde season as you are riding dynamic waves of transformation, always remember to return to the sweetness of the present now.Don’t stay stuck in the trauma, in the past, in realities that don’t exist anymore, but always tango back into the now as its all that you have.The past doesn’t exist. Only your memories will try to prove its existence and if you quantum evolved through time and space, those memories will not match or add up to create a storyline for you either.Forget about the past. 99% of time people live in the past.The present is not available to you by default. You have to be aware of it, ask for it, co-create with it, consciously and passionately live it.Takes a disciplined mind and a surrendered heart to be fully anchored into the now. But if you entrain yourself into it, moment by moment then becomes your organic and natural way of being.In this eclipse season, life & death are dynamically merging. There is no separation anymore between physical and non-physical as duality is dissolving into its primary and purest form of existence: ONENESS.

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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