The Deep Feminine

A woman embodying her essence and being unapologetically in her full spectrum of feminine power is the perfect vessel for the Goddess to flow through.I have seen it all ????From spiritual communities, where women are ecstatically dancing, making loud noises and tantric appearances, crawling on the floor only for the show ???? Too much form with no real depth.To business communities where women are shamed they are lacking a feminine, sensual, soft approach and expression. No form with deep feelings of rejection and contraction ????To tantrikas dancing with Isis, Hathors and other lady ascended masters surfing the peak of a huge iceberg of trauma and shadow work, they are avoiding ????The deep feminine is authentic, raw, vulnerable, honest, wise and always in integrity with her values.She is not taking any Priestess, Shaman, Creatix, Oracle identities but is able to be everything and nothing in the same time.She is the Chalice.Source flows through her and she can be now Mary Magdalene and in the next moment a successful business woman and a moment after the most passionate, sensual & sexual being.Women are multidimensional and we can’t fit in templates. Identities are limiting our expression.We are always changing, evolving, transforming and our embodiment takes different shapes as the flavours of our essence are always new & different.I feel guided to launch this year ” Awakening the Inner Goddess” a program for embodying the feminine essence and liberating it through a real & authentic deep feminine expression bridging all layers, levels and dimensions of the divine within us.Because within everything is sacred & divine.We can only express the Goddess if we integrate all inner archetypes.I am going offline & off-grid in nature this weekend to dance with her, the Inner Goddess and download this program will change many women’s lives.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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