My heart is so full of love and gratitude for connecting yesterday with friends living in different parts of the world and feeling their devotion to their path & building a New Earth.

There is such a strong link between all awakened beings on this planet as we are able to feel and see in each other our multidimensional contribution to the reformation of a new & more evolved civilization.

While we are not exempted from inner healing and being seriously committed to deprogramming & deconstructing conditioning layers, beliefs, and limitations..we are always anchoring our highest timelines beyond our immediate realities.

Ascension became a normal process of evolution for many and something we are not scared or confused about.

We are not victimized by change and how fast things are shifting in our realities but we allow the acceleration to take us in this powerful quantum vortex of purification, evolution, and ascension.

It's beautiful to witness the isness of communication, understanding, giving, and receiving and how humans start interacting with one another fully synchronized with the flow of creation.

We are given no choice just to surrender power struggle dynamics, survival instincts, and the very nature of keeping ourselves safe by fighting to stay alive when there is a disconnection of Source within and our natural way of being and living.

The ones that will still resist change in the gray metropoles of the old world, will face even more suffering, struggle, pain, loss, and death until they fully surrender to the ascension stream.

Humanity will continue being challenged by major events in the near future and will awaken millions of other souls here to actively build a New Earth.

The human race has a strong collective desire to evolve and everything this planet is going to experience and witness is contrast created & manifested by humankind.

Remember, Earth still is an experiential holographic reality governed by very simple laws of the Universe and an incredibly malleable field-wave-form of remembering our Self-Mastery.

It's such a great honour to participate & witness the rise of a new civilization on Earth.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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