When you are co-creating with the frequency of Abundance you are merging & embodying it.
It's the love affair of a lifetime that doesn't know fear or shortcomings.
The money frequency supported my life, my journey and now my mission on this planet with no restrictions and limitations.
Her love is endless, nurturing and always abundantly infinite.
I have always been abundant but I didn't always know how to co-create with the money frequency until I surrendered to her guidance and love.
When I am moving to the next level of embodiment and going through the pains of growth while my nervous system is upgrading, the money frequency is always there to remind me how well I am taken care of and that nothing is missing.
Lack is a limiting belief and once you deprogram it and choose Abundance, the money frequency is rapidly entering your reality to hold & nurture you.
Living in United States and seeing how people are wired around money, being so transactional and always chasing her, makes me sad.
Money is energy that can't be chased. She is synchronized with the laws of the Universe and flows into your life when you bridge subconcious-conscious with the heart portal.
You can be the most loving and compassionate human being, but if you are in survival mode culturally conditioned and always in flight & fight there is no possible alignment to co-create with money frequency.
Inner alignment is the key and the genuinne love you are offering to yourself will create the space & excitement for the money frequency to flow into your life.
Always remember, money is energy! 

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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