Surrender Into Your Awakening

These past few years have seen many systems start to crack and crumble.And with the crumbling can come uncertainty, fear, curiosity, and a desire for change.As humans we often get caught up in the human experience and we can succumb to our fears and feeling unsafe or lost in the uncertainty. This is normal and honest, beautiful one. And everyone should allow themselves grace to have their human experience as it needs to unfold.There is a very big misconception that awakening and embodying our soul essence means that we are no longer allowed to have human emotions or thoughts. And this isn’t helpful or necessary.We need to have human experiences in order to learn to observe them, and notice how they feel in our bodies.This is such a powerful and practical tool that isn’t taught enough. Observe. Reflect. Notice. Adjust. Repeat.It feels like there is so much pressure for people to awaken quickly and with minimal setbacks. This pressure only adds to the fears and uncertainty we can feel and extend our awakening journey further than it needs to go.This is why I want to invite you to observe your current human experience without judgement, and then lean into your curiosity and desire for change – without judgement.Awakening gets to be gentle, if we allow it. Learning to connect with our heart consciousness and observing our own levels of awareness gets to be soft, loving, and nurturing – if we allow it.When we learn to work WITH our own unique awakening and allow for our own process and journey to unfold in a natural way for us as an individual – we receive everything we need to achieve the changes we crave and desire so deeply.This is what I love about the Source Seed Community and Program I am co-facilitating with Alex Buta and Mel Garrity…It creates a safe space for your awakening to happen in your time while surrounding you with love, support, and nurturing guidance.If you are awakening and want to stop pushing so hard to make things happen and change, surrender into it and allow yourself to be gently held.We recently hosted a FREE 3-Day Live Event where we take you through an extraordinary and gentle awakening process that allows for your human, soul, and essence to integrate together and become one.I’d love to invite you to join the Free Source Seed Community Facebook group here and receive the replays: if you desire to know more about the Source Seed program and if it’s part of your own awakening journey, see here for more information beautiful one:

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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