A week ago, I wrote a post about abundance, sharing my life in Honolulu and some people from the spiritual community got triggered because they don't understand how abundance and spirituality can go hand in hand.

This post might stretch the edges of your universe, but if you are reading it until the end, you will most probably have an aha moment, insight, or realization.

So here we go...
For thousands of years, spiritual teachers lived a monastic life in isolation to understand the nature of reality. They let go of their possessions, goods, and relationships and devoted their lives to God, the Source, the Higher Power. Living a disciplined life of daily prayers, meditations, rituals, and other ancient mind-body-spirit practices they accessed 5D abilities that made them see beyond the veils of reality.

They embodied the higher universal wisdom and became channels of light, messengers of God, holy, pure, and sanctified by other humans that didn't make the same journey.

It is deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness, that a spiritual teacher should not live a normal life, be abundant, or have possessions because this is contradicting the false belief of that person's genuine and authentic connection to God.

The second major false collective belief is that abundance is not available to everyone, but only to an exclusive hand of people.

The third belief, is that money is bad and those who had money are not nice, kind, heart-centered, good-intended people.

And the list continues...
I have identified 25 major false beliefs about abundance humanity had been programmed by society, culture, and 3D systems that I deprogrammed within myself and will teach a full class very soon in Quantum Leadership ( check the link tree bio).

Abundance and spirituality are not contradicting each other but together are weaving an era of existence, where a new evolved human being is formed.

A human being has freedom, abundance, prosperity, unity consciousness, oneness, and divine unconditional love.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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