Accept Your Natural Born Leadership Role In The New Earth

We’ve been conditioned to believe that influencers, thought leaders and change makers are the ones with great status, education, diplomas and titles.While in 3D, the society is validating individuals based on a rigid, coercive and obsolete system that will only allow your voice to be heard after you accumulate a fat dossier of degrees, diplomas, titles..proving you are now worthy of people’s attention..In the New Earth paradigm we are claiming our natural born leadership role.A role that doesn’t give the leader a position of power and authority and a shinny pedestal from where he can create even more hierarchy and separation…but a new way of deep harmonization with the leadership models in nature.Consider how a seed drops from a tree as part of a collaborative, abundant and self- sustaining ecosystem.That seed that enters a new collaborative relationship with the soil, rain and sun to grow eventually as a tree, is at the leading edge of creation.The seed is not separating itself of the ecosystem, even if mother nature is positioning it in a leadership role, nor is exercising power over other components.It just does what is naturally born to do.If in the old paradigm, people are waiting for others to fix their problems translated in major economical, political, social the New Earth we are not waiting but playing our role in contributing and transforming integrative systems for human evolution.If you are ready to awaken and activate your natural born leadership role, I invite you to:Leading from the FutureA Multidimensional Activation for New Earth LeadershipThis global FREE event is a special gift from me and the Arcturian Council of Light, as the energies of 2022 is calling in more leaders to step into their planetary missions and New Earth co-creation.Here is the link to register and reserve your spot:…Excited for this powerful event! ????

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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