As souls, we have been preparing for eons of time-space continuums to incarnate in this unique lifetime. A lifetime where humanity decided it would rapidly evolve through a collective agreement.

And so with deep excitement, we jumped into the realms of planet Earth, Ascended Masters, Ambassadors of the Galactic Federation of Light and Star Nations.

And we willingly jumped knowing we will forget who we are, and yet always trusting that we would awaken in Divine time through an accelerated path of ascension and evolution.

And because of this trust our Earth Star Planet synchronized our paths, helping the New Earth Leaders meet in different parts of the world in miraculous circumstances of deep remembering of our individual and collective assignments.

Many of us went through deep initiations and life challenges, exploring and learning about dimensional existence in its full spectrum (3D-12D).

These experiences then allowed us to fully descend into our physical body temples and be able to sustain a multidimensional Soul Mission on Earth.

We started to build Divine Empires of Light serving our immediate network, community, tribe, city, country, and at the same time always yearning for a deep reconnection to the great web of Light Leadership that is anchored globally.

Well, Beautiful Soul, that reconnection is here and the time to fully embrace it is NOW.

NOW IS THE TIME to merge with the Highest Timeline and Version of your Soul Mission.

NOW IS THE TIME to activate the deep remembrance of the trainings you have been part of during lifetimes of preparation on Earth and other planets, embodying once again this deep knowledge, and sharing it with others.

NOW IS THE TIME to expand into your planetary mission and help humanity evolve with more grace, ease, and precision.

NOW is the time… NOW is YOUR time!

If you feel the call, I have a very special invitation for you to a live event with me and the Arcturian Council of Light:

Event name:

Leading from the Future
A Multidimensional Activation for New Earth Leadership

24th of January at 2pm Hawaii time

Online live event from the comfort of your home.

Register and book your spot at the link below:

Looking forward to this powerful co-creation!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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