Take a moment, breath in, and ask yourself this question.

Sometimes, we walk multiple other paths until our Higher Self is directing us towards our divine mission.

But detours and delays are only here because we are not consciously and intentionally asking to live in purpose and service.

When we arrive on the service path, the Universe is conspiring to offer us aligned and compatible components to ignite our active participation in co-creation.

Following the chain of synchronicities and leaning on the cosmic flow, we merge with our Soul Purpose becoming and living it.

Activating your Soul Mission is not only placing you in the highest reality timeline, attracting collaborations, soul contracts, and your light tribe but is helping your consciousness expand, evolve, and ascend faster.

Tomorrow at 6 pm Hawaii time, I am delivering a free online event and a powerful Activation with 12D Sirius Council of Light will open your Heart Stargate and receive your individual quantum codex of divine mission.

This interdimensional journey will show your placement in the time-space continuum and how far or close you are to living with and in purpose.

Then, you and your Higher Self will choose if you want to quantum jump towards that timeline.

I am excited to facilitate this Activation and two more others and help the collective and the ones ready to fully step in their power and quantum shift into a new reality.

If you didn't reserve your spot yet, click the link below:


Looking forward to seeing you there! 🎊

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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