Today’s Channeled Transmission

Woohoo! ????????????I am so excited about today’s channeled transmission and for so many beautiful Souls that registered to receive:????A POWERFUL 5D SOUL MISSION ACTIVATIONwhich will connect you to your mission grid, and divine purpose, and take you through a journey of merging your 3D , 4D and 5D consciousness in the wholeness of your being, aligning with your Heart Consciousness guided by our beautiful 12D Sirius Council of Light.????A UNIQUE ABUNDANCE ACTIVATION of your 5D inner codexes stored in your DNA will amplify and expand your capacity of receiving and giving. This will allow you to co-create with the laws of the Universe effortlessly in your manifested reality and will be guided by the 12D Great Central Sun Council of Light.????5D INNER VISIONARY ACTIVATION which will connect you to the quantum interdimensional technologies that will activate your Pineal Gland and 3RD Eye quantum vision and will be guided by the 7D Arcturian Council of Light.This FREE LIVE ONLINE EVENT is taking place today, June 5th, 2022 at 6 pm Hawaii time.If you didn’t reserve your spot yet, here is the link,…The quantum grid of this transmission is fully activated and the ones that registered already are receiving in the next hours, an interdimensional energetic alignment to the codes and teachings will be shared today.A full day of upgrades, insights, and realizations!See you all soon! ????

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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