I am coming out

2023 is a year of living our higher potential and embodying the Ascended Master within.Its a year of full & complete embodiment of our Divine Soul Missions and shining bright in our UNIQNESS and AUTHENTICITY.Its a year of FULL POWER AHEAD, Quantum Shifting realities and time- space continuums.Its a year of rising our EMPIRES OF LIGHT to its highest expression of WEALTH, IMPACT AND 5D NEW EARTH CO- CREATION.Its a year when WE CAN’T PLAY SMALL anymore, hide or ride a small % of our potential because THE ASCENSION ENERGIES OF EARTH is taking our collective to the next level of evolution of consciousness towards 2024 Its a year when hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers all around the globe are activated in their Soul Missions by their Soul & Star Families and ready for THE NEXT LEVEL of CO- CREATION helping the collective reach the 4D BRIDGE and 5D NEW EARTH.IT’S THE YEAR I AM COMING OUT SHARING WITH THE WORLD MY TRANCE- CHANNELING GIFT WITH THE ARCTURIAN COUNCIL OF LIGHT.In 2016, I was activated in my Soul Mission on Earth by the Sirius Council of Light and after 1 year of intense multidimensional training with a 12D Collective Consciousness from Sirius B, I was ready to trance- channel the Arcturian Council.The merge with 7D Arcturian Council of Light through embodying my Higher Self and descending in the body lasted a couple of years, time I explored consciousness from 5D onwards.In 2021, I fully merged with the human avatar body and able to navigate all densities and travel interdimensional through the field of consciousness.In the past 4 years, I trained, activated, opened to channel and shifted in 4D/5D consciousness Lightworkers from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, United States advancing and short-cutting their evolution to embody their DIVINE SOUL MISSIONS on EARTH.The Arcturian Council of Light and I activated and transferred advanced codex’s of light to billionaires, multi- millionaires, 7, 6 & 5 figure entrepreneurs impacting all levels of embodiment with a high level of receiving.While my DIVINE SOUL MISSION on Earth continues by activating the Ones here to PIONEER timelines for the human race and helping them receive the full blueprint of WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESSTODAYI have decided to start sharing transmissions with the ARCTURIAN COUNCIL OF LIGHT with the world.My team is preparing video clips will be shared soon, on all my social media platforms and LIVIA DEVI GLOBAL COMMUNITY FB GROUP.These transmissions have keys, codes, quantum sequences, plasma light equations, very advanced quantum technologies, sound, color, light frequencies and codex’s, shifting your consciousness in quantum time.They are advanced, timeless and comes with an irreversible transformation at subconscious, conscious and superconscious.Definitely a HUGE STEP in the evolution of human consciousness for the ones ready to SHIFT into another reality, fully ACTIVATE and co-create the NEW EARTH.And this is how LEGACY is made and HISTORY written.Stay tuned this year for advanced content, exciting news, major opportunities and alignments will be shared with you for helping you COME OUT TOO, IN FULL POWER!Proudly wearing White Hat Army T-shirt by Galactic Federation Of LightReceive effortessly,Livia Devi 

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