One Week Left…

Celebrating, ONE WEEK left until we start Quantum Leadership Program! 

Hello Beautiful One,

Celebrating, ONE WEEK left until we start Quantum Leadership Program! ????❤????

I feel so much honor and reverence for the Souls that said YES to this 12 months journey of embodiment and transformation for the New Earth Leaders.

Quantum Leadership is a 9 month container with an additional 3 months of integration and gridwork being done behind the scenes.

It is a semi-private container for the New Earth Leaders, here to embody 5D consciousness and shift into a new paradigm of existence.

For the ones who’s missions are already activated serving humanity at the next level of impact, abundance, freedom and love.

The ones ready to receive advanced teachings and codexes of light for their soul evolution, expansion, ascension and integrate them in their planetary service.

The ones missioned to co-create New Earth systems, 5D communities, Eco-villages and a new emerging culture.

We are starting this advanced program on April 6th 2022, with a beautiful opening ceremony connecting to the grid of the container and the field of co-creation with the Higher Councils of Light.

If you feel deeply called to have a seat at the round table with other Quantum Leaders, we have 4 SPACES LEFT for the Ones guided to take this journey.

Here is the link to submit your application and book a call with me directly:

If this program is a good fit for you, serving your highest timeline of evolution, leadership and abundance I am delighted to be welcoming you in our New Earth Council ||::||

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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