December 2022


Is Your Cup Overflowing?

Are you ready to generously fill in your mind soul, heart, and body temple with the Abundance Frequency? In 11.11 Portal I opened a Multidimensional Grid for WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS, a powerful 4 WEEK training where I will share my journey rising into the Higher Realms of Abundance by building a multiple 6 figure Mission Business …

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Unapologetically Abundant

Unapologetically Abundant

Why unapologetically? Because I am not interested in social and public validation and approval. I am not interested to fit in the collective realities of lack, scarcity, complacency, and victimization consciousness. I left herd mentality, decades ago. There are many hating, bitching, speaking behind my back, criticizing, judging, blaming, shaming, projecting …the more authentic, abundant, …

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Why a Fraction?

Why a Fraction?

Why am I offering incredibly powerful training at the fraction of what I normally charge? The ones following my work for years, they know the investment to attend a group program is multiple 5 figures and private mentoring 6 figures. TIME HAS COME for more lightworkers to be Abundant and co-create with Wealth Consciousness I …

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Dreams Do Come True

Years ago, I was dreaming of living, on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, with beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and green palm trees. Little did I know, I will create so much abundance in my life and live in one of the highest frequency places on Earth and desired holiday paradises: Hawaii …

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Wealth Consciousness

What if I tell you, for such a long-time people misunderstood wealth for money when WEALTH is a powerful energy that generates prosperity, well-being, abundance, happiness, love and joy! We all have been born in infinite abundance and wealth, but we gave this birthright to society, telling us who we are, who we are meant …

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Visiting Maui

Visiting Maui

After my trip to Europe, I felt called by this island and here I am enjoying the ocean, turtles, and community in a different setting. This amazing place is also available for short short-term rent at 3k$USD/night but rent it after I leave. Receive effortlessly, Livia Devi For more awesome content, come join me on:Facebook  …

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