December 2022


1(One)Week Left

Super excited for our upcoming Wealth Consciousness 4 week Training starting on the 12/12 portal! We are opening the grid of this powerful program with 12.12 code by activating our Rainbow Light Body and inter dimensional vehicles of transportation to allow the Great Central Sun frequency to activate our DNA and the 5D Inner Codexes

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Abundance Flow

There is more money in the world more than you can ever imagine. There are rivers of abundance, strongly flowing but people are not seeing them because are programmed to see lack, scarcity and be in survival mode. If you shift your frequency an octave higher you will start tapping into the flow and if

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Sacred Vulnerability

When you open your heart and share your deepest desires, needs, and wants you are honoring decades of inner work, trials, initiations, and challenges that led toward this embodiment. Sacred Vulnerability is an act of reverence for your Inner Being, Inner Union, Sovereignty, and the perfect merge between Feminine & Masculine energies within. There is

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Today is Thanksgiving Day in USA and as I look back at 2022, this has been the most intense year in the past decade. Spirit wanted me to level up in all areas of my life, conquering high peaks and transforming into becoming the next level of embodiment of my divine mission on Earth. As

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What Is Your Why?

What is that is moving your Soul so deeply to take risks, jump in the unknown and courageously reach your Goal? What is that will make you so committed that every action will generate so much passion and before you even know it, you have exceeded your own dreams & expectations? From my experience, individual

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22.11 SEQUENCE 11.11.11

22.11 Sequence 11.11.11

Between 11.11 and 12.12 portals, we have the Trinity happening today and balancing the New Moon Energies. In the past weeks, Christ’s Consciousness merged with Gaia’s waters, purifying all kingdoms of nature. Her rivers and streams are pulsating the holiness of Spirit and if you listen to her heartbeat tomorrow when the New Moon aligns

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